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With TCA, you can offer nonprofit clients a viable, customized alternative to conventional insurance packages. Clients who join our captive become co-owners — which means they’re more likely to remain in the program instead of going to market or requesting annual reviews. And that can result in lower marketing costs and greater control for you. As a TCA partner, you will:

▶  Continue as your clients’ trusted advisor and key point of contact. You lead; we support you and your business.

▶  Share in every phase of the process — from our free Rear View Mirror Analysis feasibility study to onboarding and program implementation

▶  Have direct access to our insurance professionals and the latest captive-related regulatory developments


Our program currently includes the following lines of coverage: 

 General Liability

 Professional Liability

 Abuse & Molestation


TCA extends reinsurance, claims handling and loss prevention services to Members through an exclusive partnership with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, the predominant market participant for human service providers. 

The program is open to local agents as opposed to having just one agency being the exclusive sales distributor. We find it extremely important to allow the social services organizations to retain their local insurance agents and brokers.” 

— Dennis Silvia

President, Cedar Consulting, LLC



TCA is a group captive program designed expressly to meet the insurance needs of human and social service organizations. Operating as a closely held insurance company, TCA insures some or all of the risk of our Members. Through our expertly managed shared-risk structure, participants can benefit from:

 Significant dividend and reinvestment opportunities

 Lower, stabilized insurance costs

 Better control over investments and claim settlements

 Greater access to reinsurance markets

 Improved risk management


Our risk management services include:

 Loss exposure identification and assessment

 Internal policies and documents review

 Risk and safety awareness training materials

 Risk management communication augmentation 

 Comprehensive claim reviews and participant-focused reporting procedures

 Periodic reporting quantifying participant loss control

 Access to alternative risk financing options

Unlike standard insurance programs,
TCA shifts profits from the insurance carrier to its Members.

Here’s how: 

64.88% of Members’ total premiums are ceded to TCA to pay claims. The remaining 35.12% goes to the insurance carrier — in this case, Philadelphia Insurance — to cover fronting fees, reinsurance costs, taxes, and loss control. The balance of the 64.88%, not used to pay claims, is returned to Members in the form of annual dividends. These dividends are profits that standard insurance companies typically keep for themselves. TCA strives to provide Members the opportunity for a consistent, reliable stream of revenue by leveraging our expertise in outstanding risk management and loss control.

Since our inception, TCA Members have recaptured $21 Million in premium savings and received over $10.85 Million in dividends.

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