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TCA captive solution not only provides Members the opportunity to reduce and stabilize insurance costs, but also earn dividends from invested premium savings, creating a much-needed stream of revenue.


▶  Shared Expertise & Resources — Our captive model delivers social innovation to nonprofit Members through active collaboration on many levels — from sharing knowledge of risk assessment and management to reducing insurance costs — as well as opportunities to exchange general business and operational expertise.


▶  Enhanced Profitability — TCA provides Members with strategic, highly effective risk and claims management, reducing loss ratios which, in turn, generate dividends. That means Members gain unrestricted revenue to reinvest in their respective organizations.

▶  Better Services & Management — TCA is designed specifically to support the distinct challenges facing nonprofits. For instance, our current structure affords Members greater predictability of loss exposure — the most they would pay on catastrophic claims — based on the captive’s reinsurance and stop-loss policy.


Fully tailored risk management services that help Members:

▶ Identify and evaluate potential losses

▶ Review and better understand internal policies and documents

▶ Implement safety measures for minimizing risk

▶ Gain access to alternative risk financing options

▶ And more

“Strategically managing our risk proved dually beneficial for our agency. Not only did it help reduce our net insurance costs, but it also gave us an excellent tool for improving service quality.” 

— Dr. Yitzhak Bakal

President, North American Family Institute


Our program enables like-minded nonprofit organizations to share risks and lower expenses. In addition to pricing stability and increased cash flow, TCA helps ensure Members greater control over claims and loss prevention.

Since our inception, TCA Members have recaptured $21 Million in premium savings and received over $10.85 Million in dividends.

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