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A TCA captive solution is similar to traditional insurance coverage in many ways. For instance, it oversees claims, adheres to applicable state and federal regulations and files income tax returns.


But there’s one important difference. TCA provides a significant monetary benefit to its Members. 


Its structure allows the potential for unused premiums — collective funds remaining after claim payouts — to be returned to Members in the form of annual dividends. These “surpluses” offer Members opportunities to reinvest capital within their respective organizations — profits traditional insurance carriers would otherwise pocket.

The dividend distribution for TCA Members in 2024 was $1,434,623. Since our inception, Members have recaptured approximately $21 Million in premium savings and received over $10.85 Million in dividends.

TCA Insurance Program is designed to help Members:

 Reduce and stabilize insurance costs

 Control claim settlements and investments

 Recapture investment income

 Gain access to reinsurance markets

 Better manage risk


What’s more, TCA can provide this type of tailored, responsive solution in collaboration with a Member’s current insurance broker. (TCA is an open market solution.)


TCA extends underwriting, reinsurance, claims handling and loss prevention services to Members through an exclusive partnership with Philadelphia Insurance Companies, the predominant market participant for human service providers.


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